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          About Us

          As a modern large-scale group company

          Lecron Culture


          Lecron History


          By renting an office in an apple orchard, Lecron Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. established in 2003. The hard working ...



          Lecron Energy Saving Mater

          OPCW sent the inspection team to Lecron Energy Saving Materials ...more2014-11-01

          Shandong Lecron Group got

          Hosted by Minmetals Corporation and the Chinese Polyurethane Indu...more2014-09-16

          Lecron Energy Saving Mater

          On the morning of March 16th,the project team of monomer polyethe...more2014-03-26

          The company’s products vo

          In January 2014, the Jieneng brand of polyurethane system polyo...more2014-03-07

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